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1. Go to the control panel and click User groups.

2. Click Create new group

3. Enter a name of the group, select whether you want this to be a rights group and/or notification group, then click Save.

Tip: Documents in the notes field of the group indicate what the purpose of the group is.

Notification group

Notifications are sent from the emergency management module. Hence the notification function is only available to people who have that module.

Rights group

4. Click the Rights tab to set up rights for a rights group.

5. Click the module for which you want to define rights.

All modules marked with green check marks can be used to define separate rights. You cannot define separate rights for grey modules, they have separate system groups that deal with the rights.

The illustration above does not necessarily correspond to the current list as the system is being developed and new options are always being made available.

6. To set up rights, click Enable rights for this group.

7. Edit your rights by checking and unchecking the boxes in the rights matrix and clicking Save.

 Description of selection:

Description of selection:

To module list

Navigates back to the list of modules

Select module

Quick selector for the module for which you want to view/define rights

Copy rights from another group

You can work on the basis of another group's rights when setting up your own


Saves changes you have made


Resets changes to the previous save

Remove all rights

The module's rights are disabled

Create, Configure, Module access

Create: rights to create new records


Access to module: the user does not have access to the module if this is not checked

Note: These selections may vary from module to module.

8. When you have set up rights, you can edit who is a member by clicking on the Members tab.

Changes made to rights take effect immediately, and members of the group you have edited now have the rights you have set up.

Note: When changing group members, users affected must log out and back in again for the new rights to take effect.