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Tip: The advantage of adding an entire group such as Users as a member of another group is that adding/removing members from the Users group also grants and removes their rights to all groups where Users are members.

For example, you want to grant members of the Users group rights to create and edit checklists. You select the user group that has the rights you want, or you can create a separate group. In this example, the Checklist – Editors system group has the desired rights.


1. Go to the control panel and click User groups in the middle column.

2. Click the rights group for which you want to use the rights.

3. Click the Members tab.

4. A list of the members of the group is now displayed.

5. To add a group as a member, click Select groups, select the group to be added. Then click OK followed by Add.

All members of the Users group now have rights for both Users and Checklists Editors.

Note: If a user is a member of rights groups that have rights in the same modules, these rights are summarised and the user is granted the rights belonging to the rights setups for all groups.

The rights for the other group must be disabled so that members only have the rights in modules for one of the groups.

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