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As a customer of Landax, you have access to the Landax Customer Portal. The customer portal is a system for user support and for placing orders.

In the customer portal you can:

  • Register new cases

  • Keep track of ongoing and completed cases

  • View the status of launched cases and planned development

Your case is sent to the appropriate department in Landax when you report it. The registrar is kept informed of the development of the case by email.

Support cases are questions concerning the use of the system and will be answered free of charge. Technical support is not covered by this service.

Orders are assignments that include development, tailoring or technical assistance. Orders are billable.

Error messages are notifications of technical errors in the Landax system.

Suggestions are suggestions and ideas for improvements to the system.

Contract amendments are matters relating to the customer relationship between you and Landax AS, such as changes to contracts, access to the system and new contacts.

You are notified by email when the caseworker responds, changes the status or makes other changes to the case. The emails you receive cannot be answered. You have to go to the case in the Customer Portal in order to comment and view any attached files.

Info: Not all Landax users have access to the Landax Customer Portal. The person responsible for Landax at your company controls who has access to the Customer Portal.