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There are various causes as to why you might want to disable a group's rights to a module. Maybe the group should not have access to the module or rights in it, for instance. Another example is when group members should have a different rights setup to the one provided by the group.

Info: This is mainly applicable to system groups, as you are otherwise free to make changes to the rights of your own groups.


The Users user group should not have access to the skills module. This means the skills module rights must be disabled for the Users group.

Note: Disabling a group's rights will lock them out of the module, and they will not have access until a new group is created for this purpose. Make sure you use the notes fields of the various groups to clearly document what changes you have made.


1. Go to the control panel and select User groups in the middle column.

2. Click the group for which you want to edit rights.

3. Click the Rights tab.

4. Click the module for which you want to disable rights.

5. Click Disable rights for the group in this module.

Info: If some users should still have access to the module and rights in it, create a new rights group and add the employees to the new group. You also have to set up the rights that the members of the group will have in the skills module.

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